Carolina for Kibera exists to develop local leaders,
catalyze positive change and alleviate poverty in the Kibera slum of Nairobi.

A Different Approach

Poverty can shape whole communities for generations. The best strategies for combating its effects and progressing into a better future must come from within the community itself.

Carolina For Kibera believes that the residents of Kibera are true development experts. Its ambitious young people have resounding hope and remarkable creativity. They have the talent and initiative to create real, sustainable change. Oftentimes all they need are the resources and some support network to help their ideas thrive.

Our sixty full and part-time Kenyan staff runs programs reaching more than 55,000 residents every year. CFK provides opportunities to make the community’s best hopes for its future a reality.

Recent Blog Entries

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Last December, we announced that Susan Mueni received an incredible opportunity to participate in the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme, a comprehensive leadership development program that will culminate in a 1-week visit to the UK this summer. And this visit isn’t …

Hop, Step, and Jump: How a Kids’ Game Is Reflected in Scholarships May 12, 2016

By: Joshua Omweno, CFK Intern — Hiking through a maze of tin and mud-thatched structures in Kibera—and that’s what it is: hiking—makes walking for a mile seem much longer. I hastily race behind Peter Shikanga, carefully balancing on the steep …