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Just received this whimsical update below from Carolina for Kibera staff member Jeffrey Okoro who greeted new CFK Communications Fellow Andrew Johnson when he recently arrived in Nairobi:

The following took place between 06:30 pm Thursday, November 4 to 12:30 am Friday.

The following takes place between 06:30 pm Thursday to 12:30 am Friday. The truck swings back and forth as we navigate out way through the muddy puddles to Andrews’s home stay. We arrive right around 6:45 and Janet wastes no time in making sure that things are running on schedule. Mama Rose gives us a warm welcome but she can’t hide the curiosity she and her boys have for the new “mzungu” (white man) soon to join their family.

So we get back to the office and George summons us for the debriefing about the communication guy (Andrew). Janet meticulously ensures that everything is in place – from Andrews work station to the mail sent to the staff about Andrews’s arrival. Janet’s eagerness shows with her impatience to leave for the airport, but for some reason George won’t stop chatting on Skype with Leann. Mama Jane sweeps around where we are, while trying to ease drop on the conversation about her new visitor she is so eager meet.

Andrew doesn’t waste any time getting to work – here he is on his second day in Kibera.

We hit the road and finally arrive at JKIA (airport). The airport’s parking lot is fully jammed and we have to spend a good 30 minutes looking for a parking space. After doing a couple of rounds fate eases its jaw on us and we get a parking spot. Drama ensues when Janet and I spot a  gentleman with beard and average height an exact description George gave us of Andrew and we both rush to welcome him only to get a rude shock when he say “You got the wrong guy”. At this point George who is making a call directs us to an almost exact twin of the gentleman we had confused earlier though he is slightly taller than George had described him to be. We exchange normal pleasantries and hit the road headed to Mama Roses home. Andrew seems worn out, but like all men, won’t admit it. After the usual “how was your flight” question, he surprisingly says he is hungry, I am like ‘dude, how did you read my mind’, but of course I say it silently to myself. We grab some bites at Galito’s and at this point Andrew seems calm and settled which I suspect to be the ‘chicken masala’ filling his tummy. Andrew finally opens up and tells us one or two things about Charlotte and about himself, our small talk last till the early hours of Friday morning. At this point Andrew thinks he’s seen it all. Wait till tomorrow when there will be wave upon wave of  “how are you” x 100.


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