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Edwin Orora is a security guard with KK Security assigned to CFK’s main office in Kibera. But as any of CFK’s staff will tell you, Edwin is much more than a guard –he has taken on the CFK mission as his own.

The oldest in a family of six children, Edwin Orora grew up on a farm in Kisii, in western Kenya. Edwin always had a passion for soccer and dreamed of playing professionally, until a serious leg injury sidelined him. Sent to Nairobi for treatment, his grandfather persuaded him to stay and find work.

Edwin first learned of CFK as a patient at the Tabitha Clinic. Not too long after, his security firm assigned him to be a part-time day guard at the clinic. During the post-election violence in early 2008, Edwin was sent as part of the reinforcement security team to guard the CFK offices and clinic.  Reflecting on that time, he believes that being a member of the Kibera community helped him calm the gang activity more effectively than the guard dogs and security teams.

In 2009, Edwin became the full-time guard at the CFK main office. He says it doesn’t feel like work because the job enables him to interact with the community, and whatever he can do to help CFK will help his community.

CFK staff members praise Edwin saying he goes out of his way to help his community. He often helps transport very ill patients on stretchers and personally escorts sick residents to the Tabitha Clinic. Purity Wanjiku, one of CFK’s HCT counselors, says he has “a good way of putting clients at ease before they come for counseling.” He works with both the Sports and Trash is Cash programs by managing the inventory of the sports equipment and clean-up tools. During the scholarship application process, he even helped Educational Officer Darius Getanda receive applications after an overwhelming response from the community. Aside from his duties as a guard, he is a community mobilizer and educator. He introduced his neighbor, Charles Makori, to the SRH/HIV&AIDS prevention program.

“He is exemplary. He consistently goes beyond the call of duty and demonstrates what participatory development and community service are about,” says Executive Director George Kogolla.


2 responses to “Edwin Orora: Security Guard. Community Leader.”

  1. Mwangemi Tole says:

    Its good to see how CFK helps us (kibera residents) achieve our goals each day. CFK has done almost everything possible in helping the youths in KIBERA, though may I just point out that I think its not enough.

    Fortunately, I may be able to provide an assisting hand towards enriching our people. So what am asking for is if I may be given a chance to work for CFK as one of the staff members.

    It would be a great opportunity for me to work for you and for CFK to have me.

    Thank you in advance. I ask to be given a chance to explain myself kindly.

    Kind Regards
    Tole Mwangemi

  2. Erick Osoro says:

    Thanks for proving the world that a guard can be more than a guard in charity setups and can be of great resource if managed and capacity built properly.keep up the good work.

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