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From CFK Communications Fellow, Andrew Johnson:

I took this image a couple of weekends ago while I was photographing someone in a second story office in Silanga village, Kibera. Building with two stories are rare in Kibera. Most everywhere you look, it’s a sea of single story buildings. From where I sat, I had a bird’s eye view of the street and it gave me a perspective of Kibera I had never seen before. Not only because I’d never been above ground level but also because I’d never seen people’s interactions without a mzungu (foreigner) around. Even if you’re inconspicuous (you never really can be) and standing out of the way people are still constantly aware of your presence and act accordingly. Since I was looking down on these folks from a window above they weren’t aware of me watching and I was able to observe a community acting naturally without an outside influence. I saw conversations and children playing and even a shopkeeper get into a huge argument with one of her customers. I really got a glimpse of this community without any outside influence(something rare for a photographer no matter where you are). Even with this new-found level of access I’d rather be on the ground level interacting with them.


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  1. john kariuki says:

    Hi CFK, i am an emerging writer with a keen interest in the plight of the slum people and as a result, I have been trying to reach any infomation that can help me spice up my story while maintaining the integrity of a journalist. CFK will be of great help in my undertaking. I am Kenyan aged 29 Thank you.

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