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We do this work because we believe that talent is universal, but opportunity is not. The story below is a great reminder of that simple, transformative belief.


Every day, in the small open space in the dense slum of Kibera, kids are playing soccer. They play not for fame or money, but for love of the game. The game offers a respite from the daily challenges of life in a slum.  It allows kids to be kids. It brings friends together. It provides a forum for coaches to be positve role models and teach about life on and off the field. Using the love of soccer, Carolina for Kibera’s youth soccer program engages more than 5,000 players and hundreds of coaches and volunteers in multi-ethnic teams across Kibera, culminating in an annual tournament drawing thousands of spectators.

But never did the players in CFK’s soccer teams think they would have a chance to play in an international tournament. Until this year.

This year, 10 youth and 3 coaches from the CFK’s sports program have been invited to participate in the prestigious Norway Cup 2011 in Oslo, Norway. The invitation is quite an honor, as this is the first time any teams from Kibera have been invited to participate. For all of our players, this will be the first time they will leave Kenya, for some it will be the first time they venture outside Nairobi. This world-wide soccer tournament is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that brings together children and youth between 12 and 19 years from around the world for a week of fun, sporting, education, and cultural exchange.

“Through their personal stories & experiences from Kibera, they will add as much value to the Norway Cup, as they will benefit from the exposure.”  – Abdul Hussein, Sports Program Officer, Carolina for Kibera

The tournament takes place at the end of July, so we do not have much time to collect the $25,000 needed to send the team. All the expenses and fees for the tournament are covered, we only need to raise funds for the cost of airfare and passport fees. To learn more about this incredible opportunity and donate, please visit the project page on Global Giving. Global Giving does take a small processing fee, so you can also give to CFK directly through our website and write ‘Norway Cup’ in the memo section.



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    Fantastic and great learned alot here today will be back for another look.

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