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CFK Administrative Assistant Jeffrey Okoro writes about the infamous soccer match between CDC and CFK staff in June:

“A good game” an utterance made at the end of a match, but was is to be?  2 Hours before the start of the game, George and I were pushing the truck allover Nakumatt Prestige (a local shopping center) and causing a minor traffic jam in the Mall after it broke down, an indication that things were going to be interesting . This was not good by all account since we were both to play as attackers on the CFK team.

Back at the office Cantar, Sports Program Officer, was busy rallying the troops to take on the CDC team. This match was lauded as the mother of all battles and we were certainly taking no prisoners with nothing short of victory on our minds. Ok it was not war, but the mood certainly painted it so. The soccer match offered one those rare spectacles where CFK and CDC staff met outside the board rooms and outside to the confines of the work perimetre. This was a rare occasion since on a normal day we would only communicate over the mail, phone or staff meetings. On the other side Mark, Tabitha Clinic Manager, was equally trying to build tempo on the CDC team, which for some reason appeared excited with Beatrice, the Deputy Branch Chief of the IEIP Program leading the cheering squad. There was a bit of a tussle over which team Hillary and Owino should play for since no one could establish where their allegiance lied.

Kick off was at 3:00 pm, and the scorching sun warmed up the mood in Old Kibera Primary soccer pitch with the crowd being nothing less than electrifying. Cheering squad from both teams had already established their presence in the field by making all sorts of noise. Soon the whistle was blow and both teams engaged in the game of cat and mouse with the ball.

George Kogolla, CFK Executive Director, was attacking on the left flank while I was on the right side. Cantar, Kennedy, Oyamo and Arafat held the middle field position while we had two ladies on our defense. Within the first five minutes of the match my ankle was twisted and I was seriously bruised on the leg, this was getting ugly (I was not faking it, just saying). Midway through the second half the heat was taking its toll starting with a couple of teammates with chubby little tummys dropping out one at a time. This was a trying moment as new players came in and the beer bellies dropped out and we didn’t know whether we were gaining or losing good players.

Among the substitutes who got in was Kevin Diao. Kevin is one of the UNC summer fellows and his inclusion to the team drew a LOT of attention!!!. Kevin is an “asian mzungu” something that drew a lot of intrigue and curiosity. I consider Kibera to be a melting pot of culture because of the different ethnic groups it has and the “mzungus” that pour in during the summer, but this was a shocker for me because literally everyone thought Kevin was a martial arts expert and a monk :-/, rude. Ok there is little bit of stereotype, but is not so much. The distraction offered a perfect opportunity for Cantar to sneak in a goal for CFK, which threw the crowd into pandemonium. Amid all the aches and pain my body felt, I leaped in joy to celebrate an inflated leather get into a netK. Our celebration had hardly settled in when Gordon from CDC scored a goal. It was a disappointing turn of events for us especially after being a goal up. Soon as the final whistle was blown, all the disappointment we had because of that goal disappeared. We took a group photo and it reminded me what a great team we both are in the community.



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  1. charles njogu says:

    Grateful for the work of sports association.

    We Deaf people around Kibera and its envious want to be included in the programme
    Can you advice how.

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