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By Thomas Bwire of Kibera World Wide

The cold June weather seemed to take a toll on Nairobi residents. As I waited at the Kobil petrol station along Haile Saielase Avenue at around 12.40pm, I could see most of the people walking past where I stood dressed in heavy attire. “Perhaps winter had already arrived in East Africa,” I thought to myself as I waited patiently for Philip Innocent Nyangori, who was coming from Kibera on the way to the airport.
Vehicles going towards Mombasa Road passed continuously until I finally lost count of how many vehicles had passed. From the opposite direction, vehicles coming into town were stuck in traffic while two police officers attempted to control the traffic.

I didn’t realize how quickly time had flown by until I received a call from Innocent, who informed me that they were at


Upper Hill on their way to pick me up. I became a bit anxious as thoughts began running through my head about theirupcoming trip to the US. In less than five minutes, however, a passenger seated on the left-hand side of a matatu waved to me. “Oh, here they are,” I said to myself as I quickly boarded the matatu and began to head towards the airport. Inside the van, Innocent introduced me to Michael Fry, the project coordinator of One World One Rope. I also met Diana Adhiambo, representing the Carolina for Kibera Jump Rope Program, as well as five other participants from neighboring Tanzania. Michael and the jump rope participants all wore green jerseys with athletic shoes and looked as neat as one family.

Traffic flow was relatively light and in less than ten minutes we were able to make a brief stopover at Nakumatt Malls along Mombasa Road so that Michael could make photocopies of the jump ropers’ online flight tickets.
Inside the van, Diana Adhiambo (the only participant from Carolina for Kibera), smiled at me as we greeted each other. “How are you today?” I said to start the conversation.

“I am fine” answered Diana.

“Are you happy to be among the participants going to the US?”

“Yes, I am happy,” she responded, as tears of joy rolled down her cheek. Nevertheless, she managed to smile as she faced me. For a few seconds I found myself drowned in thoughts of how Diana must have been feeling,


“I am going out of the country far, far away from my mother, my friends, my teachers and the people I am used to. What is in store for me in the new land I am going to?” – Perhaps these were Diana’s thoughts.

Read more about what is in store for the jump rope participants in the United States in our next week’s blog post covering the power of talent, even from the humble beginnings of the CFK Team.


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  1. Rose Odengo says:

    Where is the next blog post?

  2. Simaloy says:

    That’s just awsome Tom! Catch my blogs (though dormant sine my laptop crushed) and

  3. Diana Musa says:

    Its nice story.i can imagine how the participant were excited and full of anxiety from kibera to the states.looking forward to read the next blog.

  4. Richard says:

    Hey Tom this is grate, I liked it.
    I can now see that RNTC did a commendable job to train us.
    All the best

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