Car Wash: A business fueled with girl power September 27, 2011  by      

By Kibera World Wide member Florence Nthamba

You have to agree with me that it is not every day that you can easily spot girls in your neighborhood with rolled up sleeves, washing a car!! Well it’s not usual business for the Binti Pamoja girls who have come up with a noble entrepreneurial idea to start washing cars in their neighborhood.

As I watch the girls washing one of the client’s cars, I find myself with one big question, “What gave them such courage to come up with such an outrageous idea in a male dominated field?”

Faith, one of the key players in this new initiative, told me how they came up with their idea of washing cars.  “We actually came up with the idea of opening a car wash to help empower other girls to think beyond that only men can wash cars and not us girls. Nowadays we have to hustle to get additional income and not just rely on men to give us money all the time,” noted Faith.

The girls aim to get more customers and have hung posters about their new initiative within Kibera to sell their idea. As Rose puts it, “We are trying to market our initiative within the Kibera community, let people know that we are here to offer the best, and have them try us.”

One of their major challenges at the moment is availability of water as they are forced to purchase from water vendors within the Olympic Estate and part with some of their hard earned day’s wage in paying for the water. But this does not deter them from moving on as they hope for a better today. Perhaps soon they will be able to fully sustain themselves.

For the girls it is not about just washing cars, but it’s about working as a team, having fun and above all, showing that girls are able to provide this service in a male dominant business.

I am motivated and happy for the girls, and I’m excited for others to read this piece and feel the same way!


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