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By Kibera Worldwide member Erick Owenga:

Olympic, where the CFK office is located, is buzzing with activities. It’s around 1:30pm and staff members have just finished attending their monthly meeting at the hall. Two brothers, after playing along the path next to the CFK main office, find themselves inside the compound to be given first aid. Brought in by the guard, Kepha Moses was handed to jump rope coach David Okoth for first aid assistance. The guard reports that he was doing somersaults and hit his head on the ground accidentally.

Concerned about his welfare, Cathrine, a counselor in the health program, attended to the little boy by cleaning blood off his face. All this happened as the staff and interns had just finished their lunch and others were wrapping up their meeting.

Even though the boys came to the office because of an injury, they got lucky. Knowing that they were probably hungry, Edwin, the security guard, brought two plates of food for them. Kepha Moses, 5 years old, and his brother, Thomas Nyakundi, 6 years old, both sat on the ground and happily shared a plate of hot food.

Their story is this: Kepha and Thomas both live in the slums of Kibera and come from a family of seven children. Because of hard economic times, their dad became unemployed and is forced to scout for a casual job while their mother is unable to provide meals for them or find work. As a result, she stays in the house most of the day.

After enjoying their meal, Kepha and Thomas were in a noticeably more joyful mood and seemed much more energetic as well.

Personally, I view the whole event as a good contribution to these two young boys who would have otherwise spent an entire day on an empty stomach had they not showed up here at CFK, even if it was because of a bumped head. As the two depart, I can sense what is going through their minds about CFK. At the back of my mind, however, I am still left wondering what is in store for the other five needy siblings in their family?


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  1. Jonathan says:

    It is great to see that our fellow Tarheels are spreading out in the world and helping others less fortunate than ourselves.

    Student Power!!

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