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Health Relief in Kibera by Kibera World Wide

When you hear the word ‘health’, what comes to your mind? Mostly maybe, is the fact that everyone has a right to good, affordable health care privileges, right?

In Kibera slums, a densely populated community where the majority is surviving on less than a dollar daily, having enough quality medical care to serve its residents is a major problem. With this kind of congestion and environment because of the density, the locals are subjected to a health threat related quagmire.

But all is not lost. Carolina for Kibera (CFK) with the partnership of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), deeply felt what the Kibera community was going through and started a medical clinic. Tabitha Medical Clinic situated in Kibera at Gatwekera village serves a huge number of desperate children, men and women in this marginalized region. Someone may be shocked seeing patients rapidly increase in the facility as others queue in the waiting area for the high quality services from the dedicated medics.

Speaking to the Kibera World Wide (KWW) team, the Interim Executive Director of CFK Mr. Hillary Omala said that the facility was started due to the scarcity of better health care services experienced by the residents of Kibera. “We are in a place where people really require quality health care services and that is what we are offering to the locals,” said Mr. Omala. He added that in emergency situations, CFK also covers some patient’s hospital expenses and medical bills.

The Tabitha Medical Clinic, which serves several thousand people monthly, offers quality and affordable health services to the community members. Speaking to KWW the Clinic Manager Mr. Mark Muasa said the residents are responding positively towards the services offered in the clinic. “Our doctors and nurses are dedicated to their work and they even conduct one on one sessions to achieve the health needs in Kibera slums,” noted Mr. Muasa. The two partners, CFK and CDC, are focused to ensure that Kibera society gets the best medical care. Not only do they emphasize curing illness, but they also deal with diseases that can be prevented like malaria.

A client at the clinic, Ms. Abwala, shares how staff handle them with a lot of love and offer quality health care to them. “I prefer Tabitha Clinic since they understand the situation on the ground and services offered are superb.”


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