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The Nairobi International Trade Show, Kenya’s largest exhibition that brings together entrepreneurs and innovation from across the globe, took place October 1st through October 7th, and some select groups from CFK’s Taka Ni Pato program were chosen by the Ministry of Agriculture to showcase their products.

The Tie and Dye women’s group worked hard to prepare many materials and clothes for the show; they got together and spent an entire day, morning to evening, preparing and dying the materials into beautiful patterns and designs. They were able to showcase and sell their work at the show the next week. The women described this opportunity as a great way to broaden their network and for more people to learn about what they do. Thanks to CFK’s connection, they were able to get a spot at the show!

The following groups were also chosen to showcase their work all together at the show: Zulu (a group making charcoal out of organic materials), Fruitful Women (a group making beautiful beaded jewelry to support an informal orphanage in Kibera), Victorious Youth Group (a group making jewelry out of animal bones) and Zero Waste (a group taking materials such as plastic bags and crocheting them into purses and other marketable items).


“We gave the youth and women an opportunity to expose their commodities  to other people of Kenya and make them realize the hidden talents in Kibera and widen the market for their products,” remarked Medina Abakar, Taka Ni Pato Program Officer.

Overall, most of the groups were able to sell a significantly larger number of   items than they would in a typical work week. Additionally, all of the groups  experienced great exposure to the public eye; people from all around Nairobi and Kenya came to the show.



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