Supported Vision and Dream in Kibera January 17, 2013  by      

by Erick Owenga

Moses Ojwang’ and Erick Owuor were a part of a very colorful graduation ceremony held at Moi Kasarani International Sport Centre. The two are among the 307 students who were awarded scholarships by Carolina for Kibera.

The Education Program caters to vulnerable youth living in Kibera and helps them to realize their visions and dreams. Moses and Erick grabbed this unique opportunity and utilized it fully. From the looks on their faces, anyone could tell how accomplished they were feeling. They had made it: seated and dressed in beautiful gowns in the Graduation Square.

They both pursued a diploma course in Purchasing and Supplies Management at the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM). KIM is among the best and recognized institutions offering business courses in the Republic of Kenya.

Moses describes the scholarship offered to him as a very important value in his life. “Had it not been for CFK, I would have experienced difficulties in my education following financial constraints, and I can say CFK has been a source of growth in my education,” explained Ojwang’.

Moses is one of the Field Officers in the Entrepreneurship program at CFK dubbed Taka Ni Pato. He mentions that volunteering in that program is one way of giving back to society. He is very grateful to CFK for supporting his dream.

Erick Owuor, who was once a Peer Youth Educator (PYE) for CFK, explains how the organization has made his dreams come true. Just as any other ordinary Kiberan, furthering his education was another task that he could not imagine financing until CFK awarded him a scholarship. “I am grateful to CFK for the scholarship. I am proud of this organization and I must say I am a product of it. I urge the youth of my age to take this opportunity they are given and extend it to the community,” shared Owuor.

Erick says that, in addition to his scholarship, CFK has helped make him a better person. He points out that CFK offered him leadership opportunities that have opened other avenues for him as a young person.  He is currently the chairman of Kibera Division Youth Delegates and also jointly started a Community Based Organization (CBO) known as Lang’ata Youth Network (LYN). These are the initiatives that are positioned to help address social, economic, and political issues affecting young people in Kibera.

Erick expressed his joy by saying that his dream is coming true. He is not waiting around to get aid; he is working hard. Erick’s interest, like others in Kibera, is to study up to the PhD level. He yearns to further his education if the program will give him opportunity again.

Speaking to KWW, CFKs’ Executive Director Mr. Hillary Omala said that the organization exists in the Kibera slums to develop young people’s capacities in all scopes.

“I am not surprised to learn that Erick and Moses managed to graduate. They were committed to their studies. I know them very well; I have worked together with them at a personal level. At CFK we are working on finding opportunities for the locals who have skills and talents that need to be nurtured”, stated Mr. Omala.

Mr. Omala further maintained that CFK is supporting young leaders who will come and give back to the society of Kibera. If the beneficiaries give back that way, it will be considered a huge achievement for the organization.

In a slum like Kibera, most youth do not proceed with their education because of poverty, peer pressure, and a lack of role models. Carolina for Kibera is available to offer mentorship, career guidance, and other life skills needed to provide Kiberan youth with opportunities for a better future.

Erick and Moses will continue to act as positive examples to their peers, and their successes will demonstrate the power of CFK’s vision of empowering local leaders and catalyzing positive change in Kibera.



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  1. Jeff says:

    Proud of you guys, sky is the limit.

  2. Janet Jematia says:

    This is so inspiring

  3. Devon Allen says:

    The implementation of an educational opportunity for these two men is amazing. I am glad that they were funded to continue their scholastic careers despite any other challenges they faced along the way. Going to public school I am used to simply complaining about the load of work I have to complete. Therefore, I can only imagine the strength and dedication that compelled Moses and Erik to finish their own degrees.

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