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By: Nick Johnson, CFK Communications Intern

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Several months—or for a student, an entire semester—have passed since we announced the first recipients of our new Alan Cross Memorial Scholarship.  Dedicated to our late friend and board member Dr. Alan Cross, this scholarship is designed to provide financial aid to passionate and hardworking students interested in healthcare.

Laurine Oloo Otawa is one such student.  Faced with economic hardship and familial obligations throughout her life, Laurine was fortunate to have been able to complete her secondary education.  The only thing stopping her from pursuing a university degree was the cost.  To help provide for her family and to start saving for college, Laurine began working as a janitor at the Tabitha Clinic in Kibera.  Her diligence and eagerness to work at the clinic were strong motivating factors in her selection as a recipient of the Alan Cross Memorial Scholarship.  (Read more about her and our other scholarship awardee, John, by clicking here.)

Now, with your help, Laurine is one step closer to her degree!  Thanks to the scholarship, she now attends Kenya Polytechnic University College where she is pursuing a diploma in Health Records and Information Technology.  With one semester under her belt, Laurine reflects on her experience:

“So far I have gone for one semester which has eight units and has really motivated and enlightened me.  During this period I have experienced numerous positive and negative challenges that include:

“Positive challenges: I underwent my first semester smoothly without any fee balance due to the fact that my fee was paid on time.  The lecturers and my fellow students were very much understanding and supportive, hence creating a perfect environment for learning.  My fellow colleagues at work were also very supportive, a fact that has contributed a lot towards the completion of my first semester.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“Negative challenges: Given the fact that I have to be in school by 5:00 pm, I found it a little bit hard because I at times had to arrive at school late due to the [traffic] jam experienced in the evening.  Another fact is that I dropped physics [in high school] and now it’s one of the units that I found a bit challenging catching up with other students who had done the unit while in high school.”

“In conclusion, I pray and hope that next semester I will overcome some of the challenges and God willingly pass in my second semester and proceed to the next level.”

In this new semester, Laurine continues to work hard to complete her degree.  Her enthusiasm, even when faced with new challenges, speaks to her perseverance and passion for a career in healthcare.  In addition, Laurine still holds her position as a janitor at the Tabitha Clinic.  Working there not only helps her earn money for her family, but also allows her to spend even more time in the professional environment of which she hopes to be a part.  And knowing Laurine, we have no doubt she will.

If you’d like to support the Alan Cross Memorial Scholarship, we welcome you to donate online here.


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