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It’s always a good day when you open your email and find out that you are being awarded $5,000, especially when you and the donor share many things in common!

CFK would like to extend special thanks to RTI International for their generous gift of $5,000, along with new jump ropes for the Jump Rope initiative of our Sports Association.  This gift will help us continue extending opportunities to the residents of Kibera.

It is an honor to be recognized by RTI International, a leading research institute in international development, for being an organization that aligns with their mission of putting knowledge into practice at the local level.  With offices in both Nairobi, Kenya, and the Research Triangle, North Carolina, RTI has witnessed CFK’s work first-hand on two continents.   These connections make their gift even more meaningful.  We would especially like to thank John, James, Hellen, Lydia, Dorine, and Victor for taking a day to visit the CFK staff and the Kiberan community.

Once again, thank you.  We are extremely grateful for your generosity.

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RTI officially presenting their $5,000 gift to the CFK staff in Kibera.  Left to right: Darius Isaboke, Head of Social Services Department; Hillary Omala, Executive Director; John St. Clair, RTI Director – Nairobi Regional Office and Regional Controller (Photo by Caitlin Kleiboer)




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  1. Bryan says:

    It is comforting to know that there are people (or organizations like RTI) that are willing to donate such a large amount of money to a noble cause. Being a student in Hillsborough, NC, it also makes me proud that I live so close to an organization (CFK) that is willing to dedicate themselves toward helping complete strangers. Without the generosity of organizations such as RTI, CFK would not be able to provide nearly as much support for people in Kibera.

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