A Look at CFK’s Annual Soccer Tournament September 4, 2013  by      

By: Josh Gaskill and John Wirges, CFK Volunteers from Hampden-Sydney College

For the first Saturday of our internship this past summer with Carolina for Kibera, we were asked to go down to the Sports Association’s annual Girls’ Soccer Tournament to take some pictures. We both enjoy taking pictures, so we decided it would be fun. Our hope was that we could learn more about the community by engaging with an activity so universally enjoyed, and by actually getting to walk through Kibera and spend the day surrounded by what CFK does.

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Before the matches started, CFK facilitators and volunteers engaged in a dialogue with the girls about puberty and maturity.  One of the most remarkable things about CFK’s Sports Association is its ability to connect soccer with real community issues.  For example, teams not only play soccer, but also participate in workshops like the one we were able to see.

After the workshop finished, the games began!  The tournament consisted of sixteen matches played in a round-robin style. CFK gave all the players mandazi (doughnuts) and milk towards the end of the games, and the winning team got a trophy as well as notebooks and other assorted school supplies.

At one point, we got to go right on the field for a penalty kick, and it was incredible to see the excitement between the players as well as the energetic buzz in the crowd. It was clear that these girls were here to have an incredible time, and to help strengthen a community while doing so.

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