Meet Stella, CFK’s New Head of the Economic & Entrepreneurship Department November 8, 2013  by      


Stella Sigana understands how difficult it is to make it as an entrepreneur.  After graduating from Egerton University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design, Stella tried to launch her design business, but quickly realized, “I knew how to produce, but not how to manage.”  This realization led Stella to pursue a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship Development, where she learned that she wasn’t the only one who lacked the business knowledge needed to make it.  Upon meeting many artisans who “had the hands-on skills” but needed help with the business side of things, Stella found a new calling.  “I want to help them develop their products and become empowered through their businesses.”

Working with a range of organizations across Kenya, including the British Council and the GoDown Arts Centre, Stella has trained designers, artists, handcraft artisans, dancers, web designers and photographers in product development, entrepreneurship and marketing.  Additionally, Stella has helped organizations develop customized business training curricula to suit the community involved.  While business training and product development for others has become her full time job, Stella still does design work as a hobby.

After joining the CFK team in October, Stella said, “I’m excited and very interested in all the activities going on.  I’m excited to get to interact with key stakeholders in the community and to give the opportunity of business to people who don’t usually get these opportunities.  We need to get Kenya to the place where people appreciate design and the work of ‘semi-skilled,’ talented people.  It’s already started, as the language has started to change for certain words, such as ‘tailor’ changing to ‘designer’ and ‘clothing’ to ‘fashion.’  The same needs to happen in the artisan world.”

We are so thankful that Stella is eager to work with CFK, and we welcome her to the CFK family!


4 responses to “Meet Stella, CFK’s New Head of the Economic & Entrepreneurship Department”

  1. mary kirui says:

    welldone .stella wemeet

  2. Philemon says:

    Well done Stella. This is the way to go. I wish you success in your noble initiative.

  3. Philemon says:

    Well done. This is the way to go. I wish you success in your noble initiative.

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