Jump Rope Is Now an Official Sport in Kenya! April 28, 2014  by      

After several months of work and waiting, the Jump Rope Association of Kenya has been registered with the Kenyan government!  This brings CFK’s Sports Association one step closer to achieving many of their long-term goals, including creating a national network of jump rope teams.

David and Cantar w CertificateWith the association now official, CFK is thinking through the next steps of building the network and developing jump rope as an income generating activity for youth.  Since 2010, the CFK Sprinters [the name of the CFK jump rope team] have developed quite a following.  They perform everywhere—from stadiums to street corners—and have been requested for many events due to the enthusiasm audiences have for the jumpers’ talent.  The association will support teams like the Sprinters as they expand to new audiences while also making money to support education and jump rope programs across the country.

As a registered organization with the Kenyan government, it will also be easier to start new chapters in Kibera as well as outside Kibera.  Their new official status brings them one step closer towards making jump rope the next big sport for all of Kenya!


2 responses to “Jump Rope Is Now an Official Sport in Kenya!”

  1. Innocent Phillipo says:

    I think so far the work that has been done by the organization and moreso the trainers is recommandable,but;

    1.what is it being done to ensure those who are involved in training this young people dont loose the pasion due to high living standards?

    2.Howis the organization(CFK) intend to support rather spread the sport to the rest of the country?

    3.Based on the idea that the team will be working as an income generating tool,how do you intend to balance this with their studiessince most of the perfomances happen during week days?

    Once again thank you so much for the great work the organization is doing for the youth indeed,I am looking forward hearing from you concerning the question I had.

  2. Isaiah Nyakundi says:

    Amazing,this is no doubt a great development. Push it harder it surely is the next great/BIG thing in Kenya.Imagine having a national schools championship competition in rope skipping annually!This will showcase talent in our midst especially the youth. This will further promote a healthy lifestyle helping people reduce the risk of lifestyle ailments associated with sedentary lifestyles. Well done

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