Book Delivery in Kibera! June 2, 2014  by      

In our last print newsletter, we shared a story about a partnership between Carolina for Kibera, Books For Africa, and Julia Cross to bring 2,000 books to CFK.  Julia, the eldest daughter of the late Dr. Alan Cross, generously raised over $1,000 to get the books to Kibera, half of which were medical textbooks and reference guides to begin the “Dr. Cross Memorial Medical Library.”  You can read the full story in an online version of the newsletter here.

Now, in the video above, you can watch the books’ journey from St. Paul, Minnesota (where Books For Africa is located) to the Kibera community!  The video was filmed and produced by Matt Erickson, to whom we owe thanks, along with everyone at Books For Africa and the Cross family for their continued friendship and partnership.


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