Susan Mueni Is Going to Brazil for the World Cup! June 12, 2014  by      

Mueni 3 [re-size-update]After weeks of filling out forms, scheduling appointments, and waiting, it’s official—Susan Mueni has her visa to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the World Cup!  She will join hundreds of other young athletes from around the world to participate in a youth forum about sports and social change.  The forum is organized by streetfootballworld, a non-profit (and CFK partner since 2010) that seeks to bring together organizations that use sports as a tool for positive change in communities.

Mueni is a long-time member of CFK’s Sports Association and Daughters United program.  When Mueni learned that her application to attend the youth forum was selected, she said it was “the best news ever this year.”  In addition to discussing issues affecting young people in Kenya and the rest of Africa at the forum, she hopes to see legendary athletes — especially Brazil’s national team — play in soccer’s most prestigious tournament.  When she comes back, she wants to share her experience with others, especially her family, friends, and “second sisters” who play in CFK’s Sports Association.


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