Wycliffe Takes Bronze in the 2014 World Jump Rope Competition! July 25, 2014  by      

When Wycliffe performed the above routine at the 2014 World Championship Tournament & Camp, everyone was impressed — including the judges.  Out of a large pool of contestants, Wycliffe earned a 3rd-place medal!

The four members of CFK’s jump rope team, the CFK Sprinters, who traveled to the U.S. to compete in World Jump Rope‘s annual World Championship Tournament & Camp made a triumphant return to Kibera a few weeks ago, bearing many accolades for their performances.  Beryl, Brian, Christine, and Wycliffe jumped marvelously, earning multiple trophies, medals, and ribbons in several different individual and group categories.  With each year, the Sprinters’ skills and performances at competitions improve.  This year, collectively, the group earned one 2nd-place medal and five 3rd-place honors in individual routines, and one 3rd-, one 4th- and one 5th-place honor in group routines.

With help from CFK partner organization, One World One Rope, this is the 3rd year that members of the team have been able to participate in the World Championship.  (You can read more about last year’s tournament here.)  Traveling to the U.S. to meet with and compete against jumpers from all over the world gives the Sprinters a unique and indispensable opportunity to share their skills globally, learn from others, and make friends.

Congratulations to these four outstanding athletes, and to all of the CFK Sprinters!

Jump Rope Team w Medals [blog size]

From left: Christine, Beryl, Brian, and Wycliffe, proudly presenting their awards from the 2014 World Jump Rope Championship Tournament & Camp.

Want to read more about the CFK Sprinters’ trip?  Check out this beautifully written article from the LA Times about their journey.


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