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We are tremendously thankful to Salim Mohamed, CFK co-founder, for agreeing to serve as CFK-Kenya’s Interim Executive Director!

Salim co-founded and led CFK for 8 years during a period well known for the speed and intensity of the organization’s growth.  This period of CFK’s history included a variety of challenges, from the difficulties of starting an NGO in an informal settlement to the harrowing post-election violence that dominated the year 2008.  Salim and the dedicated staff and volunteers of CFK managed to build and expand programs, a state-of-the-art clinic, and relationships that have evolved even further over the intervening years.

Salim departed for the University of Manchester in Manchester, England in 2009, where he completed a Master’s Degree in Management and Implementation of Development Projects. From there, he moved back to Kenya, where he began working for Ashoka: Innovators for the Public as their East African Regional Representative. In the last year, he also began working as a social consultant for CESVI, an organization that develops socioeconomic programs for women in three conflict regions of Somalia.  Through his work at Ashoka and CESVI, Salim has continued to serve and empower disenfranchised people across Kibera, Kenya, and East Africa more broadly.

As a founder, Salim is well-versed in CFK’s vision and has watched it evolve over the years to its current phase.  He also brings with him new management and project implementation ideas from his studies at Manchester University and his time at Ashoka.  We’re happy to have him back and are excited to work with him for the next several months.  He is as well, saying, “I am thrilled to be back at CFK, reconnecting with the community and working with the talented staff to take CFK to the next level.”  Karibu sana, Salim!


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  1. Ndunda Mukonyo says:

    Yes! I see the servant of the Community is back! Salim is my true friend. We both were first youth leaders in the MYSA Executive council. I really respect and honour him for his self education and growth.

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