A Renewed Partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities January 27, 2015  by      

For the past 2 years, Carolina for Kibera has partnered with Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) on a large-scale project to bring clean water straight to Kiberan families. The campaign, conducted by Community Health Workers (CHWs), reached thousands of people throughout Kibera and brought 3,235 easy-to-use hand-washing stations right to Kiberan households. In the process, CHWs conducted health outreach through door-to-door screenings, bringing basic health information and services to over 10,000 families. In short, through our collaboration with RMHC, CFK created great impact by keeping families, especially families with children under 5 years old, healthy and knowledgeable about health resources in their community.

We are extremely grateful for RMHC’s support, and incredibly pleased to announce that our partnership will continue for another 2 years! The aim of this renewed collaboration is to build upon the work that our team has already accomplished by training more Community Health Workers and providing additional health information and access to health services to families in Kibera. RMHC has contributed millions of dollars to 9 organizations, CFK included, to continue bringing innovative health solutions to underserved communities. We are honored that RMHC sees the value in CFK’s work, the talent of CFK’s team of Community Health Workers, and the potential of the Kiberan community to thrive.

Below, you can find the first half of the official press release announcing RMHC’s collaboration with all 9 organizations to which it has pledged support for the next 2 years. (Click here or on the image to view the full release.) Thank you again, Ronald McDonald House Charities!


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