The CFK Sprinters Made National News — Twice! January 22, 2015  by      

It’s not every day you make Kenya National News! To close out 2014, the CFK Sprinters were featured not once but twice in short news clips on some of Kenya’s most popular TV broadcast networks. (You can find both below, or here and here.)

First, Kenya Citizen TV asked Coach Innocent Philip to show their news crew around Kibera and to take them to a jump rope practice. In the video, Innocent reflects on how CFK’s jump rope program began (with help from Michael Fry of One World One Rope), why he decided to become a coach, and why jump rope is an important activity for Kiberan youth. In the second clip, Voice of America interviews Coach David Okoth and Jumper Wycliffe on how they both got started with the CFK Sprinters and what it means to them.

The CFK Sprinters had a whirlwind year last year — from excelling at the East Africa Jump Rope Competition and Camp to being featured by the Los Angeles Times in advance of the World Jump Rope Competition, and now being profiled on some of Kenya’s most widely watched networks. It’s an exciting time for jump rope in Kibera, and the CFK Sprinters will keep performing and spreading the sport of jump rope nationwide. Enjoy the clips and stay tuned for more news from the CFK Sprinters!

Kenya Citizen TV:

Voice of America:


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