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Humphrey LuoraWhen Humphrey Luora is faced with difficult decisions, he reflects on a mantra his father often repeated as he was growing up. “My father always said, ‘No education, no life.’” That phrase has informed Humphrey’s life in a huge way, starting from when he was in primary school.

Humphrey got involved with Carolina for Kibera shortly after completing his final primary school placement exam in 2009. He was walking along the Kibera railway and saw a poster advertising volunteer positions with CFK’s Caught Offside Initiative, a peer education and mentorship program run through the Sports Association. The goal of Caught Offside is to offer a forum for young athletes to learn about and discuss issues they face while growing up. Topics they discuss include accurate reproductive health information, drug abuse, and the importance of education. In short, it was a great fit for Humphrey.

From there, Humphrey applied for and won a high school scholarship when CFK’s Education Program launched in 2010. Before earning the scholarship, he couldn’t regularly pay school fees. This kept him from focusing fully on school, since he was never sure if he would be kicked out of class or sent home because he hadn’t paid. Once he had a full scholarship, however, it became much easier to focus. Originally, he started at Olympic High School near Kibera, but then transferred his second year to Kameji Mixed Secondary School in Southwestern Kenya, giving him a chance to experience life outside of Kibera.

Because of his scholarship, he was able to graduate from high school with top marks. Now, he is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science at Egerton University in Western Kenya. Growing up, Humphrey was always eager to learn more about computers, but he never had the opportunity to practice. He hopes to offer free computer tutorials to those who are in similar circumstances as he was when he was younger. In addition, Humphrey is quite talented in visual art, and hopes one day to fuse his artistic skills with his knowledge of computers through graphic design.

With Humphrey’s passion for education, and his eagerness to give back to his community, he will no doubt encourage and inspire others in Kibera to actively search for education. “Life is what you make it,” he advises. “You should always be a go-getter, because that’s the only way to achieve your goals.” That’s certainly true for Humphrey, and we’re happy to have helped him on his way.


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