Scoring for Sanitation, Part 2: Stella and Paul Reflect on Soccer and Hygiene April 8, 2015  by      

Remember our blog post from last month about WASH United’s Challenge Cup soccer tournament? To refresh your memory, teams from Carolina for Kibera’s Sports Association traveled across Nairobi to play in a friendly tournament with other organizations. In the end, CFK teams in the under 10 and 14 categories took first place!

But the event was more than just a soccer tournament. It also served as a unique learning opportunity, mixing sports with important health lessons. WASH United, the sponsor and organizer of the tournament, believes that access to clean water and sanitation is a basic human right. Before the games began, a couple of Community Health Volunteers with whom CFK works led workshops on the importance of proper hygiene for all the teams.

The event was a powerful experience for all of the athletes. Recently, we got the chance to catch up with Stella and Paul, two 14-year-olds who enjoyed the opportunity to learn about personal health and safety while doing something that they love to do. “I really enjoyed the WASH Challenge Cup because it was not just playing, but also learning about sanitation and hygiene,” said Paul. “Now I can teach my friends at school and my family at home about why it’s important.”

Stella was excited not only to play and learn about important health topics, but also to play in a different environment. “I thank CFK for the opportunity to travel outside Kibera not only to play soccer but also to learn about hand-washing.” Paul echoed her sentiments, saying, “I have never participated in an event like this because we usually play in our community. But Carolina for Kibera helped me and my teammates play outside of Kibera, where we made good friends after playing together.”

Between taking a trip outside Kibera, learning about personal hygiene, and taking home the trophy, the WASH United Challenge Cup was a wonderful experience for everyone who participated. And the athletes are eager to tell people what they’ve learned! Below, check out a video of Stella recounting the most thorough way to wash your hands.


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