Inveneo Donates 100 Tablets to CFK’s Health Department May 13, 2015  by      

By: Nick Johnson, Communications and Fellowship Program Coordinator

Inveneo Tablets [re-size]Carolina for Kibera’s data collection methods are getting an upgrade! Earlier this week, 100 new Google Nexus 7 tablets arrived at CFK’s U.S. office in Chapel Hill. The donation came by way of Inveneo, a technology non-profit that seeks to deliver technological tools to people who need them most in the developing world.

So what could we possibly do with 100 sleek, shiny new tablets? These tablets will be used by Community Health Volunteers to more accurately collect health data from thousands of families in Kibera! With more standardized and thorough data, CFK can better assess the community’s need for health services and outreach. A more complete picture of what the community needs will also help us evaluate the success of existing programs and pinpoint areas of improvement.

Thank you, Inveneo! With this donation, you’ve certainly advanced your mission and ours—to help people lead healthy, safe, and self-sufficient lives.


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