Watch The CFK Sprinters in Action on Kenya Citizen TV! June 11, 2015  by      

Have you ever wanted to see CFK’s jump rope team, the CFK Sprinters, in action? Now you can! Continuing their news streak, the Sprinters were recently the highlight of one of Kenya’s popular morning shows on Kenya Citizen TV. The clip, which lasts almost half an hour, shows impressive routines performed by the team and interviews with Coach Innocent Philip about jump rope’s new status as an official sport in Kenya. The anchors even get ready to jump at one point…needless to say, it’s an entertaining assortment of things all about CFK’s jump rope program.

Check it out below!


One response to “Watch The CFK Sprinters in Action on Kenya Citizen TV!”

  1. Leigh says:

    These kids are fabulous! So talented! Thank you for sharing their talent through video so more of us can be inspired.

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