“Words Alone Cannot Express My Gratitude”: Laurine Otawa Has Completed Her Diploma Course! June 19, 2015  by      

Laurine Oloo Otawa - Jan 2015Earlier this year, we mentioned that Laurine Oloo Otawa, recipient of CFK’s Alan Cross Memorial Scholarship, had plans to graduate in December. Those plans, as Laurine told us recently, are officially set in stone!

Laurine wrote to us earlier this week to inform us that she has finished her Diploma in Technology Health Records and Information Technology, which she has earned from the Technical University of Kenya. Now, she only has to wait for her graduation day in December of this year to officially be considered a Health Records and Information Technology specialist.

In case you aren’t acquainted with Laurine, she was awarded the Alan Cross Memorial Scholarship in 2012. Laurine’s zeal for education and determination to become a health information professional were clear from the beginning. After she was awarded the scholarship—which is designed specifically for students interested in entering medical-related fields—she made it clear that she wanted to work and spend time in a place that would fit her interests and career choice; as a result, she began working as a janitor at the Tabitha Medical Clinic. Towards the end of her diploma course, as she picked up more skills, she began volunteering at the clinic as well, managing several patient records. Her ability to be flexible and versatile was admired by everyone with whom she worked.

Now that she’s finished with her Diploma, she is ready to put her skills to use. In that same correspondence that she shared with us, she thanked CFK and the family of late friend and board member, Alan Cross, who generously supported her through the years. You can read her full message below:

“I take this opportunity to thank the Alan Cross family and the Carolina for Kibera family for helping me come this far. I have finished my diploma course in health records and information technology, which could not have been possible without your help. Words alone cannot express my gratitude but I pray to the good Lord to bless you. Alan Cross family, thank you and thank you again – for today, my life is no longer the same as yesterday.”


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