Christine Akinyi, CFK-Nairobits Center Graduate, Speaks on Confidence July 27, 2015  by      

Programs at the new CFK-Nairobits Girls’ Center have gotten off to a fantastic start: the first cohort of students graduated in June! Girls took advantage of the classes offered there to learn about computer basics, graphic design, and basic coding, while also learning valuable lessons about self-esteem, entrepreneurship, and other skills to help them seize opportunities later in life.

Those graduates are now actively advising and encouraging the next group of students! One student, Christine Akinyi, has a very important message to share with other girls who might feel like their circumstances won’t ever improve or change. “I would tell them they should never lose hope in themselves, and they should believe in themselves,” she says. “It doesn’t matter how long it will take, doesn’t matter where you are from, doesn’t matter what your background is. You will be called a ‘somebody’ and you will also have changed somebody’s life.”

Watch the video below for Christine’s full message on confidence.

Video by Taekyeong Lee.


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