Laurine’s Graduation February 11, 2016  by      

By: Nick Johnson, Communications and Administrative Manager

Laurine shortly after graduation.

Last June, we announced that Laurine Oloo Otawa, one of the first recipients of CFK’s Alan Cross Memorial Scholarship, would be graduating in December 2015. CFK is now proud to announce that Laurine has indeed graduated with a degree in Technology Health Records and Information Technology!

Laurine has been involved with CFK since 2012 when she was first awarded the Alan Cross Memorial Scholarship, which seeks to give students interested in medical-related fields the chance to explore those interests and begin developing their career. Earning a Diploma in any medical field requires diligence and attention to detail, plus a sizable time commitment—but Laurine made it clear that she wanted to work in a place that would fit her interests and career choice, even while she was in school. So, she decided to work at the Tabitha Medical Clinic! She started as a janitor, but slowly began to volunteer her time (on top of her work schedule) by managing several patient records.

Between her new degree and her experience volunteering at the clinic, Laurine became a qualified and competitive candidate for hospitals across Kenya—and even across East Africa. She wrote to us recently, updating us on her whereabouts, career progress, and overall well-being. “I graduated in December, and—believe me—in January, my employer extended my contract to two years. I am currently working at a hospital in Juba, South Sudan. I am working at the health information desk and this has really helped me in gaining more knowledge and skills.”

She also expressed her gratitude for CFK and the Alan Cross family for supporting her. “Thank you so very much, CFK, because without you, I really don’t know where I would be right now. You saw the best in me and you gave me a chance. Thank you, and again thank you. To the Alan Cross family, I really don’t know how to say thank you but I can only pray for your blessings from God. May you continue to change the lives of others.”

Congratulations, Laurine! We wish you well and we are sure we’ll see you again soon.


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