Mercy, Scholarship Recipient, Forges Forward March 4, 2016  by      

By: Nick Johnson, Communications and Administrative Manager

Last year, we introduced you to Mercy Atieno Omondi, a scholarship recipient who is now in her first year at Kenya Medical Training College. There, she is building upon the rudimentary medical skills she already has—with quick wits and steady hands, she once treated a fellow churchgoer’s wound even though she had no formal training. With a scholarship made possible through support from African Kids in Need (AKIN), Mercy is making progress towards her nursing degree and laying the foundation for her career.

Now, Mercy has a message of thanks—to AKIN, to CFK, and to all their supporters. “I am humbled to take this opportunity to discuss how my life is, and my family. However difficult it might seem to be, I am grateful to God for his great help and patience.”Mercy pic2 [edited]

Mercy’s educational journey has been fraught with uncertainty. She is part of a very large family living in poverty—as if this wasn’t enough, Mercy’s family’s home was looted in 2007 during the post-election violence that year. They lost everything and were forced to flee to their hometown of Siaya in Western Kenya. Eventually, the burden of hosting them in Siaya became too much to bear for other members of the family. Mercy explains, “My grandfather wanted to send away my mum and my siblings. It was a very trying moment but now everything is settled.” Things have changed for the better. “Now, my family is doing great and I thank God because there is peace.”

Daily life for Mercy is easier now. She’s always been a goal-oriented person, and now she has the opportunity to work towards her ultimate goal of becoming a nurse. What matters most, she explains, is “knowing what you want in life” and putting in the work it takes to get there.

“I love the kind of life that I live, simple and having great visions and dreams. I am shaped by the experiences I go through and learn from the very simple mistakes so as to be a person of integrity and dignity. This is not an easy task. It is a matter of knowing what you want in life and standing stalwart enough to be a conqueror. I have come very far, and today I see myself continuing to head in the right direction as far as my academics are concerned.

“Living a life of poverty has not been easy, and school life has been a struggle. At times I feel like giving up, but looking at what I know and as God’s child, I forge forward. I try as much as possible not to compromise myself with a lot of things of this world. I thank God for His providence and the heart I have of being contented with what I have, for I know it will only be for a short duration before I achieve my goal of becoming successful in life.”


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