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“What happens when girls are empowered to speak for themselves?” This was the central question underlying CFK’s recent collaboration with ARTKIDS Foundation to teach photography classes to girls in our Daughters United program. (You can find more information on our collaboration here.)

The first cohort of young photographers has provided an answer. Each student in our photography training program submitted a story about one facet of their life in Kibera, complete with pictures to add context. The results: an inside look at the Kibera community from girls’ perspectives.

This week, we are featuring Cheryl’s photo essay, “Water in Kibera.” Keep reading for a story and photos that capture the blessings and dangers of water and rain in Kibera.

Water in Kibera

By: Cheryl
Binti Pamoja Photography Training Project

Water jugs in Kibera.

People say that water is life. That is true. What people don’t know is that water has been the cause of many deaths in Kibera.

2 children trek across Kibera, perhaps to go home.

Because of the poor construction, when it rains, the houses fill with water. This brings a lot of danger into people’s lives. Kibera is not only a slum. It is home to many people and different generations. If the water comes and destroys their houses, these people have no place to go.

Rainstorm. Rainstorm, continued.

The broken pipes represent a big problem for the community. They put people’s lives in danger. If no one repairs them, they allow dirt to mix with water and people will be consuming water that is contaminated. This leads to the spread of diseases like cholera.

Broken water mains in Kibera.

People should learn how to repair broken pipes and how to take care of their environment. Who knows? You could be drinking contaminated water and get sick because you ignored a small thing that can be repaired.

A massive pile of trash behind a Kiberan home. A dam built to contain water.

Water is needed for cooking and washing clothes.

A washing station in a Kiberan home. A collection of bins and water jugs.

Water is also needed for showering.

2 children pose for a photo as they wash to cool down. A filling station in Kibera.

Most parents in Kibera send their children to fetch water and most children enjoy doing this task.

2 children walk to a water pump.

People would be more happy and healthy if they could have access to clean water. A young Kiberan runs through water sprayed from a burst pipe.A young Kiberan runs through water sprayed from a burst pipe.


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