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“To have a better life, you need to have correct information.”

In our 2015 Annual Report, we interviewed Cynthia and Bernice, 2 students studying web and graphic design at the CFK-Nairobits Girls Center, about how learning computer skills can empower a generation of youth, especially girls. Their underlying message: giving girls equal opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive benefits everyone in their community.

Cynthia and Bernice have since graduated from this program, run in collaboration with Nairobits. Now, we welcome a new cohort of girls with stellar web and graphic design skills! After the ceremony, we caught up with a few of them to hear their thoughts on the course. Check out their responses — and a couple of projects — below.

A personal portfolio project from a CFK-Nairobits graduate.

A personal portfolio project by Toma Ali Bilal. Students at the CFK-Nairobits Girls Center get advice from experts on how to craft an effective website.

What did you expect from the course before you started?

“My expectation was to be taught only Microsoft Office, but I learned much more.” -Quinter

“I wanted to be computer literate but I didn’t know where to start from. By good luck, I asked one of our church members about Nairobits and she told me how to apply.” -Sharon

“I was very eager to learn how to work with computers, and also to meet and make new friends.” -Sheilah

“I expected many challenges and lessons, like how to increase my skills in typing and become a critical, creative thinker. Overall, the program made me feel confident about myself.” -Toma

What was your experience like throughout the course?

“The lessons were sometimes difficult, but with determination and hard work, I know that I have done my best so far.” -Cynthia S.

“I had a wonderful desk mate to my right, and she helped me through this course. Having someone to hold you by the hand and help you begin is a blessing.” -Cynthia A.

“Throughout the class, I had a hard time with design. Working with templates was okay, but coming up with an idea really gave me a headache. But now I’m able to design and blend color on the web.” -Shufaa

“There may be tough times, but the difficulties which you face will make you more determined to achieve your objectives and to win against all odds.” -Victoria

A commercial site for a coffee shop designed by students at the CFK-Nairobits Girls Center.

A commercial site for a coffee shop.

What are your goals now that the course is over?

“After the training, I expect to design as many templates as possible, thereby adding to my portfolio.” -Toma

“I want to keep developing my skills. The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” -Victoria

How can CFK support you and help you achieve your goals?

“Carolina for Kibera can simply support me by always notifying us of opportunities that they have come across.” -Cynthia S.

“If you find someone looking for an intern, please alert us so we can send ourselves there to sharpen our skills!” -Sharon

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