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At Carolina for Kibera, we love receiving visitors. Showing people our work in the Kibera community firsthand is one of the most rewarding experiences for many reasons. It changes hearts and minds, it puts a face to the place, and sometimes it encourages direct investment in community members.

Kiberan leaders confer with members of the G.E. team.

That’s why we were so thankful to spend a day with a team from G.E.-Africa! The team included Sulemana Abubaker, Chief Information Officer; Cynthia Karago, a leader in the Information, Technology, and Leadership program; and many other G.E. staff members eager to find ways to contribute. On their tour of CFK’s programs, the G.E. team visited the CFK-Nairobits Girls Center, where girls learn important technological skills like web and graphic design, and also visited the site of the future Binti Pamoja Girls Center.

Their commitment to girls’ empowerment programs was clear, especially regarding how technology fits into those programs. The visiting team was eager to hear stories shared by women and girls about how access to technology positively impacts their lives and connects them with opportunities. Susan Mueni was one of the young women who shared her story—after sharing her journey to being selected for the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme, they gave her a personal laptop to help make the online leadership course run as smoothy as possible. In fact, they were so impressed with her plans to give back to Kiberan girls that they offered her a one-month internship!

Elizabeth Ng'ang'a welcomes the G.E. team to Carolina for Kibera's offices in Nairobi.

At the end of the day, G.E. extended a generous gesture to CFK by donating 15 laptops for CFK’s technology initiatives for girls. To everyone at G.E., we are truly humbled by your generosity and commitment to fighting urban poverty in Kibera. You are giving Kiberan youth hope. Thank you, G.E.!


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