Watch Susan Mueni’s TV Interview on Her Upcoming Trip to London! May 31, 2016  by      

Last December, we announced that Susan Mueni received an incredible opportunity to participate in the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme, a comprehensive leadership development program that will culminate in a 1-week visit to the UK this summer. And this visit isn’t like other visits — while she’s there, Mueni and those in her cohort will meet Her Majesty the Queen! For Mueni, that part still hasn’t really sunk in yet: “I’m really nervous and I still can’t believe it. Out of all the things that I’ve ever imagined, I never imagined shaking hands with the Queen.”

Mueni was recently featured in a primetime interview on Kenya’s K24 channel, where she discussed her upcoming trip! In the interview (which you can watch above), she discusses at length how soccer has instilled values in her, and how she plans to bring skills learned during the program back to Kibera. “I hope when I come back,” she explains, “I will have learned a lot and be ready to make more change in the community.”

Congratulations again, Mueni, both on the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme and your tremendous interview!


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