Meet Andrew Kiptum, Our New Monitoring & Evaluation Officer November 14, 2016  by      

Andrew Kiptum doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to measuring Carolina for Kibera’s impact. When you’re talking to community members, he explains, “The numbers don’t mean anything by themselves sometimes. You have to show the community how what you’re doing will help by connecting the numbers to an overall result or change.”

Andrew Kiptum, CFK's Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.

One of CFK’s main objectives for this year is to take our monitoring & evaluation (M&E for short) systems to the next level—and Andrew, with his wealth of experience in data analysis and M&E is the right person to captain the ship. With the groundwork we have built through our fruitful collaboration with Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), we are well positioned to improve existing M&E services and extend them to other programs as well.

Andrew earned his degree in Applied Statistics from Maseno University in Kisumu, Kenya’s largest city on Lake Victoria. Upon graduation, Andrew worked at TNS Research International for 6 years. Though he started as a data clerk, he showed his affinity for interpreting trends from data and was promoted to a data analyst.

Working at TNS was a great first step, but Andrew eventually sought more passion from his work. Thus began his career at the Collaborative Center for Gender Development (CCGD), a research and advocacy organization seeking to understand gender-based violence in areas like Kibera. This can include everything from sexual assault and domestic violence to female genital mutilation and early marriage. “One thing I noticed a lot,” he admits, “was that there are some in our society who believe that women should be beaten once for the marriage to be good or ‘proper.’ We were fighting against that stigma.”

While at CCGD, Andrew worked with organizations and partners who, like Carolina for Kibera, offer education and services for sexual, reproductive health and rights. He heard about CFK from a friend who read co-founder Rye Barcott’s book, It Happened on the Way to War. It sounded familiar, and for good reason: Andrew used to stay in the nearby neighborhood of Fort Jesus, where Rye also stayed on one of his return trips to Nairobi. Luckily for Andrew, CFK was hiring, and his values and skill set made him a perfect fit for the Monitoring & Evaluation Officer position.

Andrew wasn’t just hired for his skills though—he was also hired for his vision. One of the main components of that vision is to create a more robust, digital data collection system. Collecting data on handheld devices is more nimble and reliable, and allows for more quality control and GPS tracking. All of these features will be helpful in an informal settlement. “Adapting best practices for data collection will be the main hurdle for this system,” Andrew explains. In Kibera, many unforeseen problems can take you by surprise.

Andrew is planning for them, however. Through careful planning and thoughtful approaches to data collection and analysis, he will help our team demonstrate CFK’s effectiveness more clearly. “With clear organization and reporting, the data reinforces our impact,” he says, confidently. With systems like these, Andrew is ensuring CFK can demonstrate its success for a long time to come.




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