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Thousands of children in Kibera now have a brand new pair of shoes on their feet, some for the first time, thanks to an on-going partnership with TOMS Shoes. Designed to complement our health, educational, and economic development programs, TOMS giving project One for One©, has been supporting the Kiberan community since 2013.

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Kibera’s rugged terrain, lacking roads, lights and trash facilities, is a less than ideal environment for health. Skin abrasions are common and often become infected. Providing shoes to children helps give them the ability to go to school, do activities, and to participate in their communities without fear of injury and illness that can easily happen with bare feet.

“Our partnership with TOMS helps us get closer to realizing our vision. Shoes prevent soil transmitted diseases and the support from TOMS supplements our health program’s efforts. Shoes are also part of required school uniforms and thus, offering shoes will be essential to increasing overall attendance at schools,” said Kennedy Juma, sports project officer, who helped facilitate this year’s distribution.

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This summer, our annual distribution reached over 70 schools, 80 soccer teams, students and families participating in our Angaza education, families receiving community health support and care, over 3,150 girls in Binti Pamoja (Daughters United),  our early childhood development and nutrition center children and families, and more! Nearly 55,000 pairs of shoes were given to the children and families most in need of them. Now, that’s a lot of “sole” support!

Shoes are a basic need for everyone, and having kids in school, working and being healthy is a huge factor in breaking societies out of poverty.  Hats off, or rather ‘shoes on’, to TOMS for their continued support of children and families in Kibera, and their steps to eradicate poverty around the globe.

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