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Kenya Board of Trustee Dr. Stellah Bosire-Otieno Named #Top40Under40KE 

Dr. Bosire_1Business Africa Daily named Dr. Stellah Bosire-Otieno one of Africa’s “Top 40 Under 40 in 2017” for her service as a human rights advocate and medical doctor in the health field. We are honored to have Dr. Bosire serve as a member of CFK’s Board of Trustees in Kenya.

Dr. Bosire is a medical doctor and currently serves as the CEO of Kenya Medical Association.  Having grown up in Kibera, Gatwekere village, she knows firsthand what youth endure in the harsh terrain of Kibera. As a young medical practitioner, Dr. Bosire guides CFK on matters of health and brings with her a wealth of critical connections and contacts. She has a passion for working with girls, and is always happy to roll up her sleeves and help with programmatic interventions.

Congratulations, Dr. Bosire. This recognition is well deserved.

Read Business Daily Africa’s story on Dr. Bosire below.

The following story was originally published in Business Daily Africa’s Top 40 Under 40 Special Issue on 19 October 2017.

Dr. Stellah Wairimu Bosire-Otieno, CEO, Kenya Medical Association

When Stellah joined Form One at State House Girls High School in Nairobi, she decided that she would no longer be a slave to alcohol and drugs that she had been addicted to during her childhood. She soon found out that the “demon” would not be vanquished easily. She suffered terrible withdrawal symptoms. But the teenager proved to have a stronger will. High school was her “golden lifeline” and she was not going to let it go.

This strong will is a thread that is interwoven throughout the story of her professional life and her quick rise to the position of chief executive at the Kenya Medical Association (KMA). Stellah grew up in Kibera and is the second born in a family of five. Her father was a “now you see him, now you don’t” kind of parent and her mother was schizophrenic.

By the time she was in Standard Eight, she was abusing drugs and alcohol even as she fended for her siblings. But Stellah has never been short of ambition.

At secondary school, she knew she wanted to be either a judge, to right the injustices she had seen in the world, or a doctor, because of her mother. She chose the medical path.

At the age of 27, while she was still a medical intern, she was sworn to the board of the HIV/Aids Tribunal. She later became the vice chair of the tribunal and eventually left the public sector to work for Avenue Hospital. Her time at Avenue gave her managerial skills and taught her that medicine must be approached as a social enterprise.

She is currently completing two post-graduate degrees that reflect this realization — an MSc in Global Health Policy and the University of London and an MBA in Healthcare Management at Strathmore.

Congratulations, Dr. Bosire-Otieno! #Top40Under40Ke


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