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IMG_8421 (640x480)Our James and Florence Peacock Fellowship is now accepting applications for Summer 2018. Click here to learn more.

You will gain new skills and knowledge.

At CFK, we collaborate with community leaders to create ambitious and wide-reaching programs that reach thousands of residents. We provide opportunities for volunteers to gain hands-on experience learning about global issues in a real world setting. Volunteering abroad is a great way to build on your current skillset, learn new ideas and new aspects of life; oftentimes, allowing for a deeper appreciation of the world around you.

You will be able to explore a new career.

Put your passion to action. You can dip your toes into areas and careers you think you might be interested in when you volunteer with CFK. From sports to medicine to health policy and global development, you might find yourself having a passion into an unknown or unexpected career path.

You will learn a new language.

How about Swahili?! You may only learn the basics or you may even become fluent, but either way, you are learning a new language that can open doors into future travelling or connections. And whether you know a little Swahili or not, English is an official language of Kenya, so asking for directions to the closest matatu stage should be a piece of cake. Sawa sawa (ok!).


Unpredictability and flexibility are fun. Not quite convinced? While stepping out of your comfort zone, you will be stepping into thriving, urban community and engaging with grassroots participatory development in Nairobi, Kenya. With a new environment, new culture, and new surroundings, you will learn about the world beyond your normal and accustomed lifestyle.

You get a chance to give back.

At CFK, we seek out local leaders to champion change and partner with individuals and groups both inside and outside of the community who believe in a better future for Kibera. Even in a slum like Kibera, there are thousands of individuals working hard to change their lives. When you volunteer with CFK, you will be part of a program helping to develop local leaders, catalyze positive change, and alleviate poverty in Kibera. How cool is that?!

Our James and Florence Peacock Fellowship is now accepting applications for Summer 2018. This fully-funded fellowship brings UNC-CH students to a collaborative environment alongside our staff in Kibera, allowing students to apply their skills and talents while engaging in grassroots participatory development in Nairobi, Kenya. Please note, this fellowship is only open to UNC-CH students, undergraduate or graduate. Deadline to apply is Friday, December 15. Click here to learn more.

CFK Intern with Binti girl


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