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By Brooke Bauman, Communications Intern

Throughout history, non-governmental organizations have played key roles in supporting people and advocating for worthwhile causes. Today, we celebrate NGOs everywhere by recognizing February 27 as World NGO Day. Recently established in 2014 by the United Nations, this day of celebration acknowledges the crucial work of NGOs, whether at a local or an international level.

Here at CFK, our mission as a NGO to develop local leaders, catalyze positive change, and alleviate poverty in the Kibera slum of Nairobi is best explained through our main initiatives: Health, Youth, Sports, and Thrive. While these initiatives are interconnected, each category has a distinctive purpose that contributes to our overarching mission to empower Kiberans.

CFK Health


Access to affordable, reliable health care is hard to come by in Kibera. CFK is dedicated to changing this reality by offering holistic and comprehensive medical services through the Tabitha Medical Clinic and the Lishe Bora Mtaani Nutrition Center. Outside of the clinics, community volunteers offer personalized healthcare services that promote community wellness and reproductive health practices.

CFK Binti program


In Kibera, young girls are especially susceptible to face early marriage, female genital mutilation, inadequate education opportunities, and sexual violence. Recognizing that the future of Kibera lies in the hands of upcoming generation of leaders and entrepreneurs, CFK has focused on developing programs for young people, particularly girls. CFK aims to create a safe space for girls to express themselves through the Binti Pamoja [Daughter’s United] Core Program.

CFK Champions League


In Kibera, ethnic groups with distinct and sometimes conflicting cultural beliefs reside within close quarters. Unfortunately, misunderstandings can quickly escalate and create divides based on stereotypes. To bridge gaps between ethnic groups, we encourage ethnic groups to unite through sports. CFK’s soccer programs teach individual and team leadership supporting youth to prepare for the modern workplace where the expectation is to work collaboratively with people of all backgrounds.

CFK ICT gradates


In Kenya, the unemployment rates is 40 percent but this statistic is much higher in Kibera. Many to turn to informal work, where profits are low and the work is both risky and irregular. CFK invests in initiatives like our Work Readiness program and our ICT initiative for girls to provide mentorship for youth seeking permanent, full-time employment outside of Kibera, while developing their technical and leadership skills. 

To invest in young leaders, consider supporting our initiatives of Health, Sports, Youth, and Thrive by donating to CFK today.


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