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By Brooke Bauman, Communications Intern

We live in a digital world that is constantly evolving. While technologically savvy professionals have laid the foundation for our digital world, young people are expected to push the envelope even further by creating the next best applications of technology. To inspire tomorrow’s technological leaders, we celebrate Digital Learning Day today.

Across schools, libraries, and other public institutions, instructors are encouraged to integrate technology into their lesson plans. A map on the event’s website visually depicts where these lessons will be taking place and explains how each participating institution plans to celebrate digital learning.

In Kibera, CFK strongly advocates for digital learning through the Girls Training Center, which was created in partnership with Nairobi Trusts to empower youth in slums. The center is a safe space for Kiberan girls to gather and access resources in computer lab programs. Girls are taught essential computer skills such as multimedia, web and graphic design, online research, and coding in different languages.

Christine, one of our graduates, shares her experience with the ICT program:

ICT Graduate Christine Speaks on Confidence from Carolina for Kibera.

This past year, 27 students graduated from our Information and Computer Technology (ICT) initiative. Of the graduates, 18 are now permanently employed, 3 are completing internships, and with true entrepreneurial spirit, 6 graduates launched their own businesses! How awesome is that?!

Not to mention that in partnership with Google, we were able to train over 600 youth from Kibera in digital skills training, with 120 girls trained overall through the ICT training program.

CFK chose to specifically provide digital programming for girls in order to challenge cultural pressures of early marriage and domestic violence. In the spirit of the sentiment that talent is universal, CFK believes in providing opportunities for Kiberan girls to show initiative and gain marketable skills.


For more information on Digital Learning Day and ways to get involved, visit http://www.digitallearningday.org/about-dlday/.


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