Mission and Values

Carolina for Kibera (CFK) exists to develop local leaders, catalyze positive change and alleviate poverty in the Kibera slum of Nairobi.

Driven by local needs, our collaborative network of programs advance health, education, ethnic cooperation, gender equality and economic empowerment, and equip leaders with tools to strengthen the community.

We envision a Kibera where people are healthy, safe, and self-sufficient — a place where every person, regardless of their background, has a voice in their future and access to opportunities and resources to realize that future. We envision a community that finds strength in diversity and individuals that are empowered to pursue opportunities both locally and across the globe.

Our Values

Community Partnership and Participation. CFK recognizes that the community is the driver and sustainer of change and that the individuals within the community are actively contributing to its betterment. Community members’ wisdom, voice and leadership are absolutely necessary for success.

Teamwork. At CFK, the staff, volunteers, board members and partners all work together towards a common vision. The only way to truly affect change in Kibera is through a core of staff, board members and volunteers that are united and supportive of each other and our mission and vision.

Integrity. CFK strives to be transparent, accountable, and responsible in all of our interactions with staff, clients and partners. We act consistently with our mission and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions.

Excellence. CFK’s employees and volunteers endeavor to do their best work and make every effort to bring out the best in colleagues, program participants, partners and residents of Kibera. We welcome constructive feedback, self-learning and self-improvement. We deliver services while upholding and adhering to the utmost professional standards.

Dignity. CFK values the voice of all stakeholders equally, and actively promotes diversity within our programs. We work to empower people both inside and outside of the organization and uphold mutual respect as a cornerstone of our decision-making processes.

Innovation. CFK is a learning organization that seeks to find new, creative, and better ways to respond to community challenges, manage resources and develop programs. We encourage boldness, creativity, taking risks, and trying new ideas.

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