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Meet our leaders in Kenya and the U.S.

Kibera, Kenya

Julian Rowa

Julian Rowa, Executive Director

Julian is the Executive Director of Carolina for Kibera. Julian has an extensive background in finance, holding several leadership positions at multinational banks across East Africa. Most recently, he helped lead the successful launch in Rwanda of Equity Bank, which has helped create access to capital for millions of Africans, many of whom live in disenfranchised communities.

Julian has a Master’s degree from Wheatley Business School at Oxford Brookes University in the UK. He is excited for driving performance at CFK and exploring his passion for serving impoverished communities, growing talent, and working through the challenges that come with that.

Mark, Head of Carolina for Kibera's Health Services Department.

Mark Muasa, Head of Health Services Department

Mark Muasa is the Head of Carolina for Kibera’s Health Services Department. He is passionate about working for an organization that promotes community-driven solutions and initiatives in order to implement transformative development programs, specifically in public health. Mark has previously worked for KEMRI/CDC in the International Emerging Infectious Disease Program, an active population-based study of major infectious diseases in the urban part of Nairobi. He holds a Master of Arts in Medical Sociology, a Bachelor of Arts from Moi University and a post-graduate diploma in Project Management from the Institute of Finance and Project Management. Mark epitomizes driving performance at CFK.

Stella, Head of Carolina for Kibera's Economic and Entrepreneurship Department

Stella Sigana, Head of Economic & Entrepreneurship Department

Stella, Head of Carolina for Kibera’s Economic & Entrepreneurship Department, is a business development specialist with a keen interest in economic empowerment, rural development and capacity building for marginalized communities. Programs in her docket include the Work Readiness program, Taka ni Pato (Trash is Cash), and ICT solutions for girls. A student of Young African Leadership Initiative, she has a Master of Science Degree in Entrepreneurship from Jomo Kenyatta University of Art and Technology. She has experience in business re-engineering, implementing and designing program activities geared towards community empowerment and development.

Stella has vast experience modeling and conducting trainings and has a deep interrogative acumen critical for entrepreneurship. She subscribes to the principle of Execution at Speed, an attribute that is essential at CFK when it comes to delivery of programs within scope, budget and timelines.

Sarah, Daughters United Program Officer for Carolina for Kibera.

Sarah Waithira, Daughters United Program Officer

Sarah is the Daughters United (Binti Pamoja) Program Officer and the acting Head of CFK’s Social Services Department. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Communication from Catholic University. Sarah has 9 years of experience in social and community work with a passion for working on issues related to adolescent girls. Sarah’s career objective is to mobilize, work with and realize social and economic transformation of girls from poor backgrounds; she is a strong advocate of social justice. Her competencies include but are not limited to participatory development, monitoring and evaluation, program management, social economic analysis and lobbying for policy change for vulnerable groups. She supports CFK in growing talent and capability within the community in which we work.

Kennedy, Sports Association Program Officer at Carolina for Kibera.

Kennedy Juma, Sports Association Program Officer

Kennedy “Kenny” Juma is the Program Officer for CFK’s Sports Association, a program designed to propagate peace, mobilize youth, spot talent and develop young people holistically. He has a wealth of experience in community mobilization, youth leadership and conflict resolution.

Kenny coordinated the Community of Kibera (Jamii ya Kibera) initiative, coined after the infamous post-election violence in Kenya of 2008. He later served as a peace campaigner/crusader in 2013. He helped shape and develop “Without a Fight,” a CFK-driven documentary depicting the power of sports in promoting inter-ethnic and inter-religious cooperation in the Kibera community.

He is a TOT trainer on youth leadership and studied organizational skills from the Centre for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. He holds a certificate in peace, conflict resolution and human rights from Amani Communities Africa, and is currently pursuing a degree in Youth Leadership Management from St. Paul University. Kenny exemplifies building pride and passion, a key behavioral attribute of CFK.

Jeffrey, Education Program Officer for Carolina for Kibera.

Jeffrey Okoro, Education Program Officer

Jeffrey Okoro is CFK’s Education Program Officer. His focus is in developing academic-related programs and interventions that include scholarships and sponsorship at the high school and university level. He has strong roots the Kibera community and finds joy in providing services that help uplift the lives of the deprived. Jeffrey holds a B.Sc in Project Planning and Management from Moi University and has a certificate in businesses mathematics. He is a firm believer in playing his role as a catalyst for change, empowering people to empower themselves. He is a manifestation of a success story for CFK and the community of Kibera, and therefore serves as a powerful role model for youth in the Kibera community.

Irene, Head of Carolina for Kibera's Finance and Administration Department.

Irene Muriithi, Finance & Administration Manager

Irene has served as CFK’s Finance and Administration Manager since 2013. She is a Certified Public Accountant of Kenya (CPAK) and a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK). Irene is also a member of the Association of Women Accountants of Kenya (AWAK). Irene champions the improvement of internal systems and their controls to provide assurance on transparency and accountability, a critical success factor for CFK in helping build and protect our reputation. In her spare time, she is pursuing her Master’s Degree in strategic management at Daystar University.

Elizabeth, Partnership and Sustainability Manager for Carolina for Kibera.

Elizabeth Ng’ang’a, Partnership and Sustainability Manager

Elizabeth is the Partnership and Sustainability Manager at Carolina for Kibera. Elizabeth has a wealth of experience in partnership development spanning 14 years. Her passion is facilitating the empowerment of marginalized communities and the emancipation of the poor through resource mobilization for programs designed to bridge critical gaps in services. Her role is a critical success factor to the larger aspirations of CFK, as she serves as the official ambassador to the community at large. She is also pursuing a formal degree in community development from Daystar University.

Onesmus, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning officer for Carolina for Kibera.

Onesmus Langat, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Officer

Onesmus is the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer for CFK. Onesmus holds a Bachelors Degree in Development Studies from Makerere University. Previously, Onesmus worked with the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) as an Appraisal, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in livelihood-related projects in the arid and semi-arid lands of Karamoja, Pokot and Turkana. Onesmus has also worked with Heshima Kenya. Being passionate about Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, Onesmus plans to pursue and specialize in the field in the longer term. He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Monitoring and Evaluation from Maseno University.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Nick Johnson, Communications & Administrative Manager

Nick graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a dual degree in Global Studies and Spanish, as well as a concentration in Social & Economic Justice.  During his course of study, Nick volunteered with participatory development projects in Honduras and conducted oral history research with students from Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador.  Nick spent his last semester at UNC working for CFK as a communications intern.


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