Campus for Kibera

A Student Action Group at UNC

Campus for Kibera is a student group at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that supports and raises awareness about CFK. The group organizes an annual soccer clinic fundraiser with the UNC Women’s soccer team called Kick for Kibera. In fall 2010, they partnered with a local café to put on a masala chai tea fundraiser.

March 2011 marked the opening of LIVING KIBERA: The exploration of work, play, home, dream, and self in a slum of Nairobi, Kenya. Organized by 2010 CFK Fellow, Maggie McDowell, LIVING KIBERA is an interactive exhibit that features art created exclusively by Kiberas in a variety of mediums including photography, drawings, poetry, painting, textiles, hand-made objects, and video. The goal of LIVING KIBERA is to open a dialogue around perceptions, misconceptions, and realities of life in dense urban communities. The themes of work, play, home, dream, and self explore the different facets of life in Kibera through the perspectives of people living there today.

Campus for Kibera provides UNC students a rare opportunity to partner with an internationally recognized, participatory development organization and connect personally with those taking part in change on the ground. Participating students identify themselves as a group of friends in Chapel Hill sharing a deep connection with the community of Kibera.

To get involved in Campus for Kibera  or learn how to start a campus group on your campus, please email Lindsey Moore at: lindsema(at)