Supporters in Action

What people are doing in their communities to support our mission

26 Day Challenge

With hundreds of people currently taking the 26 Day Challenge, the feedback we have been getting from participants shows that it really does make an impact on how people view poverty. For example, Rachel Fox, a Mom blogger from, had her entire family complete all 26 Days of the Challenge. Read more about her experiences on her personal blog, and and read about the experiences of others in the comments section on the website.

WCHL Quiz Bowl

A beloved Chapel Hill institution and friend to CFK, Top of the Hill Restaurant, took on the Chapel Hill Restaurant Group in WCHL’s Quiz Bowl in December 2010. Their dynamic and talented team won!! For the win, CFK received a prize pack of gift certificate and benefits from local business. Thanks, TopO!       See the QuizBowl pictures here.

Mercersburg Academy’s Annual Soccer Tournament

8,000 miles separate Peter Kempe’s classroom at Mercersburg Academy from Kibera. But for the last three years, this veteran teacher has made the distance feel a lot closer.

Peter Kempe has been teaching German at Mercersburg Academy, a co-ed boarding school for over 400 students in southern Pennsylvania, for the last seventeen years.  Hearing about CFK from a colleague spurred Peter into action. He elicited the assistance of the school’s German Club and together, they organized a soccer tournament to benefit CFK.

In homage to CFK’s Youth Sports Association, teams were required to have a diverse composition of men and women. Team members played barefoot on in socks. “The tournaments are a great opportunity to connect the sport, language and the diversity with a great cause,” says Peter.  Mercersburg students have become vocal advocates of CFK’s mission. One has even traveled to Kibera with his local church.

The third annual Mercersburg Academy soccer tournament to benefit Carolina for Kibera will take place in the Spring 2011.

Soccer Clinic Hosted by UNC Women’s Soccer Team

In 2005, members of the UNC Women’s Soccer Team organized the first CFK-UNC Soccer Clinic. Since that time, team members have carried on the tradition. Now an annual event called Kick for Kibera co-hosted by Campus for Kibera, the clinic is attended by North Carolina youth every spring. Hundreds of children receive information about Kibera, as well as technical instruction from UNC players. In addition, the clinic has raised thousands of dollars for the CFK Youth Sports Program. The CFK Soccer Clinic has been an unqualified success, uniting CFK Youth Sports members in Kibera, North Carolina children and the UNC Women’s Soccer team through their love of the game.