Empower Girls

Empower a girl by giving her the gift of safety, sisterhood, and confidence through the Daughters United program.

Kibera is a hostile place for young girls.  Facing issues like HIV/AIDS, prostitution, unequal access to education, and sexual abuse from a young age, they often do not have a physically and emotionally safe to talk about issues they deal with every day.

In response, Daughters United is a reproductive health and womens’ rights program for adolescent girls that gives them a place to confront the unique challenges they face as girls and express themselves through dance, drama, writing, group discussions and photography. The Center hosts regular speakers, field trips, and community service projects and supports an outreach network of 27 ‘safe spaces’ that reaches 1,000 girls and is run by program alumni.

This year, we announced that CFK is building a brand new, 3-story center for girls!  The new center will be dedicated to the young women of Kibera, and will provide more meeting space for program participants, house a conference center, and include an area for empowerment through arts activities.  We hope to break ground by the end of 2013.

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