Deliver Healthcare

Give the gift of health education and treatment to help ensure that high-quality, low-cost health treatment and prevention initiatives are accessible and affordable to Kiberans.  With these programs, the Tabitha Clinic reaches more than 35,000 patients each year.

An estimated 15% of Kibera’s population suffers from HIV/AIDS and thousands die annually of preventable disease. CFK’s clinic provides free HIV testing and treatment and organizes support groups for those living with the disease, in addition to providing treatment for those with diseases like cholera, malaria, TB, and influenza.

Outside the clinic, youth volunteers teach peers about basic sexual health education. To increase prevention, CFK has trained 150 community health workers (CHWs) to provide basic care and promote improved hygiene behaviors to 10,000 homes.

Additionally, this year CFK opened its nutrition center, where kids under the age of 5 are screened for malnutrition.  When kids enter the center, they are very far behind in developmental milestones.  The center puts children on a 6-8 week feeding program to get them back to their target weight, and also helps them grow educationally and socially.

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