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A Special Message for International Peace Day September 21, 2015

By: Nicholas Kennedy Juma, Sports Association Assistant Program Officer — There is a wide range of literature on the role of young people in conflict situations, especially when it comes to perpetuating violence. Most of the papers tend to focus …

Promoting Peace during Kenya’s Elections February 27, 2013

  By: Suzanne Thomson, Organizational Consultant, CFK Kenya On March 4th, Kenya will have its general elections.  This is the first general election since the now infamous 2007 election that erupted into violence.  It’s also the first one under the new …

Peace Message to Kenya February 26, 2013

Okello “Kennedy” Jumo, one of CFK’s Program Officers, has spent the past several weeks spreading peace messages throughout Kenya in advance of the March 4th presidential Elections. Here is a video message Kennedy recorded outside the CFK offices in Kibera.