What We Do

Our Programs and Approach

How We're Different

Collaboration, not charity.
Our programs empower, educate, and support.

Why Kibera?

Sprawling urban slums, like Kibera, are microcosms of the most dire and complex challenges of our time.

Sports Association

Using sports to teach healthy life choices and promote peace across gender and ethnic divides in Kibera.

Tabitha Medical Clinic

With just $26 and a dream, the Tabitha Medical Clinic was founded.

Daughters United

A safe space for girls to grow and learn.

Sexual Reproductive Health Program

Empowering Kibera's youth to talk to about sex, HIV/AIDS, and reproductive health

Trash is Cash

Creating jobs for youth collecting trash, recycling and creating crafts with the reusable materials.

Education Program

Every child deserves an education, CFK makes it a reality for youth in Kibera.

Community of Kibera

Building a peaceful and united Kibera.

New Initiatives

Creating opportunities for local leaders to create change in their community.