Binti Pamoja Girls Program

Because strong girls make strong communities.

Life is difficult for everyone in Kibera, but it’s especially hard for girls, who face some of the world’s most urgent and troubling issues.  Rape, incest, early marriage and pregnancy, lack of access to education, misinformation about sexual and reproductive health, and many other problems are a worrying reality for thousands of girls who live in Kibera’s extreme climate of poverty and vulnerability.  The Daughters United program gives girls physical and emotional safe spaces in which they can express themselves and discuss issues that are unique to them.

A Safe Space for Girls to Learn and Grow

At the Daughters United Center, girls between the ages of 10-17 enter the Core Program, where they participate in artistic and educational activities, such as dance, drama, writing, photography, and group discussions.

Girls who graduate from the Core Program take on leadership roles in the center and create their own Safe Spaces throughout Kibera.  These Safe Spaces are organized and run by alumni and typically held in local churches and schools.  These new groups develop the alumni’s leadership skills while continuing to educate and reach girls in all areas of Kibera.Through these outlets—as well as monthly speakers, field trips, and community programs—girls are able to educate themselves and their communities about gender-based violence, reproductive health, and financial literacy.

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Lightbox: Expressions of Hope from Young Women in the Kibera Slum of Nairobi



Lightbox is comprised entirely of photographs taken by Daughters United participants and essays they have written to accompany those photos. Their expressions offer a candid look at the lives of young women in poverty and their essays display a powerful message – one of struggle, perseverance and hope.


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